The LQMS system envisaged by the IALI targets the three core areas of landscape works: design, procurement/tendering and construction/maintenance. While it encompasses a wide range of interventions, it is built on a single premise: the quality of the landscapes created in Ireland rests on the need for all stages of works to be signed off by independent and appropriately qualified landscape professionals.

Download a copy of the LQMS Expression of interest document here.

Below is a more detailed insight in to the proposed LQMS interventions in the three stages of landscape works. These interventions form the basis of the role being offered.


  • Establishing and regulating roles and responsibilities of design professionals
  • Establishing agreed and regulated quality standards for landscape works
  • Establishing landscape contracts and procedures
  • Establishing an engagement and sign-off process for all landscape works

Procurement and tendering

  • The preparation of standard forms of tender documentation
  • Review and adaptation of the standards and specifications used
  • Development of an ongoing technical tender review and reporting process

Construction and maintenance

  • Development of a contract/tender compliance process
  • Development of a transparent material tracking system to ensure compliance with all related documents and regulations.
  • Development of staged signing off process for landscape works throughout the construction stages and post construction (maintenance phases)
  • Ensuring maintenance requirements are included and that the assets are transferred to the final maintainer.

The LQMS working group.

The successful candidate will work closely with the project manager and will liaise with the steering group. Below is the composition of the steering group members.


Independent Mr. Barry Lupton Chair of IALI
ILI Mr. Tony Williams Past President ILI (2013 to 2016). Project Manager.
ALCI Mr. Thomas Crummy Chair of ALCI
ALCI Mr. Peter O’Toole Past President of the ALCI
ILI Mr. Colm Kenny ILI
GLDA Ms. Patricia Tyrrell Chair of GLDA
AAI Mr. Roy Goodwin Chair of AAI (awaiting confirmation)
IHNSA Val Farrell Chair of the IHNSA
IHNSA Matt Lohan IHNSA/ Nursery operator
An Bord Bia Nominee requested