Irish Landscape InstituteHistory
The ILI was formed in 1992 from an amalgamation of the Irish Chapter of the Institute of Landscape Architects and the Institute of Landscape Horticulture of Ireland. This, in effect, joined private practice and public sector members, enabling them to further develop the landscape profession in Ireland.
Since 1992, the Institute has expanded to its current membership of 160, mirroring the rise in profile and strength of the landscape architecture profession in Ireland.
Conferences have been held regularly since the early 1990’s which stimulated debate about the profession’s position and facilitated the ongoing growth of member’s expertise. The Biannual awards ceremony highlights and rewards the achievements of the Institute’s members. The institute has also made submissions on a number of national policy documents, facilitated the continuing Professional Development of its members and hosted regular social events.

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ILI Council and sub committee 

President: Tony Williams
Past President: Maryann Harris
Vice President: Tim Austen
Treasurer: Lucy Carey
Secretary: Laura Flynn
Council and Sub-Committee Members
Daithi O Troithigh
Dominick Comerford
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Joanne Coughlan
Aine Patton
Suzanne Furlong