About the GLDA

The GLDA is Ireland’s only association of professional garden designers, horticulturists and landscape architects. Individual members provide garden and landscape design services throughout Ireland. Every Full Member is rigorously assessed by an external panel of professionals, made up of experts from the design, horticultural and academic sides of the profession.


To set standards for garden and landscape design.
To raise public awareness of garden and landscape designers and the services they have to offer.
To liaise with relevant organisations in order to provide comprehensive education and ongoing training for members.
To facilitate the exchange of information between members, suppliers and the public.

What The GLDA Does

The faith of those early members was not misplaced. Within a few short years the GLDA has grown to become a dynamic force for good, which is now at the forefront of the revolution in Irish gardening. Through its ongoing training opportunities in drawing and surveying, its practical workshops and field trips, its intelligence gathering network, and most publicly, its highly acclaimed annual international design seminar, the GLDA disseminates new information on methods, techniques and current best practice in landscape design and horticulture, and has created a new demand for improved quality and increased availability of a much wider and more interesting selection of plants.

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GLDA Council Members


Gary Foran


Annette McCoy

Contact:  info@glda.ie


Peter Stam

Lisa Murphy

Patrica Tyrell

Brian O’Hara