The establishment of the IALI is the culmination of efforts by various landscape sector professionals and representative bodies. The founding members were brought together following the publication of an article focusing on landscape specification issues in the trade publication, Horticulture Connected. The article featured input from numerous sector specialists and presented viewpoints on how issues are impacting on the delivery landscape schemes in Ireland. In particular, the article highlighted weaknesses in the specification, tendering and monitoring of landscape project, particularly within the public realm. You can download a copy of the article here.

Following some initial dialogue a meeting of interested stakeholders was called by Barry Lupton. At this meeting, representatives form a number of professional bodies discussed the impact of the highlighted issues and attendees were invited to propose solutions. A second meeting took place two months later, at which the association was formed and a strategy for dealing with issues was agreed.

The initial meeting was attended by Barry Lupton (Editor of Horticulture Connected), Peter O’Toole (ALCI President), Tony Williams (ILI President), Thomas Crummy (ALCI Chairman), Gary Foran (GLDA Chairman), Patricia Tyrell (GLDA Council member), John Murphy and Matt Lohan (Nursery owners) and Colm Kenny (Independent Landscape QS). Terry O’Regan was unable to attend.

For the second meeting invitations were extended to the Irish branch of the Arboriculture Association and the Institute of Horticulture (IOH). Roy Goodwin and Felim Sheridan attended as representatives of the Arb Association. Owen Doyle of the Institute of Horticulture was unable to attend as a representative of the IOH. Also in attendance at the second meeting was Val Farrell representing the Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Association.